Reports on the Dajjal - Online Course + Book Bundle

Reports on the Dajjal - Online Course + Book Bundle

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The course by itself is available here.

This course will be a 5-week exploration of the subject of the Dajjal, primarily grounded in Hafiz ‘Abd al-Ghani ibn ‘Abd al-Wahid al-Maqdisi's Reports on the Dajjal (Akhbar al-Dajjal). Discussion of the Dajjal, or Antichrist, can be challenging, confusing, and even bewildering. At the same time, the Messenger of Allah ﷺ strongly encouraged the Muslims to discuss the Dajjal and to warn one another about his deceptions.

With these issues in mind, the goal of this course will be to provide clarity on the subject of the Dajjal. The 107 hadith collected in al-Maqdisi's text will serve as the main reading for the course, helping to focus the class discussion on what is firmly established in the traditional sources. Students can expect to gain much greater clarity on issues related to the Dajjal, which in turn may help us to warn our families, communities, and those close to us about this great trial and its dangers, and to take appropriate steps to protect our faith and the faith of our loved ones.

Classes will be kept small to allow for participation and questions. Students will be invited to join a private Telegram chat group with the instructor to facilitate further discussion and inquiry.

Course schedule: Every Tuesday starting August 29th, 2023 until September 26th, 2023 (1pm ET; 10am PST; 6pm British; 8pm Medina) – This will be a live course held via Zoom. All sessions will be recorded if you cannot attend live.

About the Instructor

Ustadh Moustafa Elqabbany is a scholar and translator based in Jordan. He has contributed to numerous translations of classical Arabic texts, including a number of titles published by Imam Ghazali Publishing, such as Al-Khasa'is al-Muhammadiyya and Ayyuhal Walad. He teaches regularly both in person and online.

What students are saying:

"I just wanted to say this course was an amazing experience. I finally had the chance to take a class like this with a qualified scholar, and I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Shaykh and the team. This class brought moments of renewed faith, and made my Iman and my love for the Prophet ﷺ stronger. It brought me immense joy. JazakAllah khayran so much to Shaykh and the team. I only hope Allah facilitates more. May Allah give you khair and love and protect you all."

"This was my first class with Imam Ghazali Institute, and I just really enjoyed the course. I love the book and the translators. The beauty of the publications from Imam Ghazali Institute is extraordinary, and it was so nice to be connected to the Shaykh and to receive to receive his wisdom. So it was a pleasure to participate with everyone, and I just wanted to thank all of you immensely for this opportunity to be in this class, and to benefit from it and each one of you, and especially our teachers. JazakAllahu khayran."