Ramadan Revival Mentorship & Coaching

Ramadan Revival Mentorship & Coaching

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This is the Ramadan Revival Journal + Coaching Bundle. If you'd prefer just the journal, click here

The IGP Ramadan Revival Mentorship & Coaching program is designed to assist you in your preparations for this blessed month, to help you approach Ramadan with strong intention backed by sound knowledge, awareness, and planning. This program will utilize IGP's Ramadan Revival Journal (2023 Edition) as a starting point to help you plan and strategize for the upcoming month of fasting, recitation, and prayer, under the guidance of two knowledgeable and experienced teachers.

IGP's Ramadan Revival Mentorship & Coaching includes:

  • One print copy of the Ramadan Revival Journal (2023 Edition)
  • PDF copy of the Ramadan Revival Journal (2023 Edition)
  • Ramadan Fiqh Intensive with Shaykh Hamzah Wald Maqbul (4 live sessions with Q/A)
  • Ramadan Coaching sessions with Shaykh Abdullah Anik Misra (Every Monday during Ramadan)
  • Invitation to the private Ramadan Coaching Telegram group with Shaykh Abdullah - An open forum for you in Ramadan to ask anything and seek advice from Shaykh Abdullah Misra

The Ramadan Coaching Telegram group will provide a forum to ask questions and obtain advice throughout the month.

The schedule for the Fiqh Intensive and coaching sessions will be as follows:

Fiqh Sessions:

Live Sessions TBD (2:30 PM ET) Recordings provided

Ramadan Coaching Sessions:

Every Monday in Ramadan at 1 pm ET - A weekly check-in to strategize with Shaykh Abdullah Misra - Recordings provided

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