Fiqh of Social Media
Fiqh of Social Media

Fiqh of Social Media

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Authored by Omar Usman

Social media and digital technologies have changed our lives and there is no indication that things will slow down. As Muslims, we believe that Islam contains the most perfect guidance for all of mankind to follow. How do we implement that timeless advice in our unprecedented times? That is the focus of the Fiqh of Social Media.

Praise for "Fiqh of Social Media"

"I am grateful and appreciative of my friend, Omar Usman, for exhausting available resources; Islamic, psychological, secular, and business, to develop the work you see before you. We have had long discussions pertaining to many of the topics covered in this book. I am confident that you will find this book to be beneficial, and I pray that it inspires more contributions on this topic." -Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda, Qalam Institute

“Reading Fiqh of Social Media is like sitting with your best friend from Sunday school and having an intellectual & spiritual conversation about the impact of social media on your life. Omar distills years of research, experience, and thought leadership in an easily digestible book that you can enjoy with a good cup of coffee (and your phone off!)” -Mohammed Faris, The Productive Muslim Company

“The Prophet (s) said, “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should say something good or keep silent.” The ability to control our tongues, how we communicate with others, is an expression of our faith. Communication has evolved and changed so much that one of the primary ways many of us communicate with others is through social media; hashtags and 280 characters. This is a long-awaited work from my good friend and Hajj companion Omar Usman who has been writing, tweeting, speaking, and teaching about the Fiqh of Social Media for years. This is a valuable work providing guidance on how to use and benefit from social media in a way that conforms to our principles and values.” -Shaykh Furhan Zubairi, Institute of Knowledge

“Ulama of the past have written on the adaab of speech and social interaction. Connecting those guidelines with the modern world of social media has been the need of our time. May Allah reward Omar for taking this task on!” -Mufti Hussain Kamani

“This is a must-read for Muslims around the globe. I can’t thank Omar enough for this work which forces Muslims to look in the mirror and answer tough questions about how social media has impacted our lives. It questions why we desire to share the most intimate aspects of our lives with strangers from around the world and provides action items to implement. These discussions need to be had within the Muslim community. We have to question how our quality of life has been impacted by the age of hyper-connectivity. Due to the fact that Social Media is the tool for creating social capital, we need to realize that speaking about the harms of constant connectivity takes a lot of courage. Thank you, Omar, for this work.” -Shaykh Mikaeel Smith

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  • ISBN-13: 979-8575659563

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