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IGP Membership

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Imam Ghazali Publishing Membership provides access to a growing library of premium print and ebooks, along with extensive opportunities to study these texts directly with qualified teachers in a live, intimate, small-group online setting.

New members will receive a welcome package that includes:

  • Access to all IGP Member Courses – over 15 courses annually planned
  • Private telegram group access for all courses enrolled in as a student
  • 1 new monthly IGP eBook (12 annually)
  • A quarterly exclusive Meet the Author & Translator zoom with private Q/A
  • Access to a growing library of recorded courses, available on-demand
  • Access to 25% off for IGP Member Book Catalog purchases
  • Free shipping within the USA, UK, & Canada
  • Free welcome package with books and gifts
  • Free quarterly surprise perk and gifts (undisclosed – for active members)

For the month of Sha'ban, the welcome package for new members includes:

Limited-time gift for members who join prior to Ramadan:

Imam Ghazali Publishing strives to give sacred knowledge its due, by combining the best of traditional Islamic knowledge and scholarship with the advances of modern publishing and technology. IGP Members play a key role in this process, understanding that reading, writing, publishing, teaching, and study of sacred texts are all integral to the transmission of sacred knowledge from one generation to the next.

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