Imam al-Suyuti Book Bundle

Imam al-Suyuti Book Bundle

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Imam Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti, also known as Ibn al-Suyuti, was a mujtahid imam and reformer of the tenth Islamic century. (b. 849 AH/1446 CE - 911 AH/1506 CE)

The Imam was a prominent Hadith Master, jurist, Sufi, philologist, and historian, who authored over 700 works. IGI has had the honor of publishing new translations of 3 of al-Suyuti’s works so far:

  • Shedding Light on the Possibility of Seeing Prophets and Angels (Tanwir al-Halak fi Imkan Ru'yah al-Nabi wa al-Malak)

  • All the Sultan's Men (Ma Rawahu al-Asatin fi 'Adami al-Maji'i ila al-Salatin)

  • The Spirits of Black Folk: Sages Through the Ages (selections from Raf’u Sha’n Al-Ḥubshān)

    This book bundle is a great opportunity to benefit from the works of a true giant among the scholars.

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