Futuwwah and Raising Males into Sacred Manhood
Futuwwah and Raising Males into Sacred Manhood

Futuwwah and Raising Males into Sacred Manhood

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Futuwwah and Raising Males into Sacred Manhood concisely discusses the principles within futuwwah, or spiritual chivalry, that young men should strive to embody and should inculcate into our communities. While the virtues discusses in this text are not all exclusively related to young males becoming men, this book is tailored towards males, and the specific issues faced by males as they strive to grow into the path of manhood. Just as young women need their own spaces to learn from women how to become honorable sisters, young men require their own special places to instill in them the virtues of upright brothers.

The Islamic tradition calls for a revival of organized training relating to spiritual chivalry and sacred manhood - this is the task of the hour. There are beautiful and majestic qualities embodied by the Prophet s that he passed down to his family members and pious Companions. Those upright men were methodically raised up: they undertook rites of passage, and manly responsibilities which were placed upon them with expectations that they would be executed with excellence.

This book begins by establishing the linguistic and operational definitions of the Arabic word futuwwah, translated here as "spiritual chivalry." The text then discusses the essential virtues for developing healthy manhood, in a specific order of their priority in teaching. The Qur'anic verses, Prophetic narrations, and sayings of pious Companions and scholars on the subject of futuwwah are related with sound meaning, accompanied by meticulous citations in footnotes and endnotes.

  • Author: Imam Dawud Walid, Forward by Maulana Asim Ayub

  • Language: English

  • Paperback Edition: 168 pages, black and white edition

  • ISBN: 978-1-952306-38-9

  • Publisher: Imam Ghazali Publishing

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