The IGP Black History Month Bundle

The IGP Black History Month Bundle

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The IGP Black History Month Bundle includes two selected texts and one companion online course.

Selected books include:

  • Blackness and Islam - This book explores, clarifies, and in many cases refutes or debunks erroneous, false, or misinterpreted and misunderstood traditions that are sometimes used to justify prejudice within Islam, ultimately affirming that Islam is a religion that truly seeks to elevate man over his base desires, and that does not discriminate based on race and ethnicity.
  • The Spirits of Black Folk: Sages Through the Ages - This book consists of selections from Imam al-Suyuti's Raf’u Sha’n Al-Ḥubshān (The Excellence of Black People). Though written 500 years ago, this text contains numerous insights which are relevant to our understanding of issues of race and prejudice in the modern day.

Selected online courses include:

  • Blackness and Islam Companion Course - Over 8 recorded lessons, Shaykh Dawud Walid provides a reading guide to his book, and additional commentary on some of the relevant issues.