Introduction to Islamic Creed (Bajuri) (PDF)
Introduction to Islamic Creed (Bajuri) (PDF)

Introduction to Islamic Creed (Bajuri) (PDF)

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As a response to a request, Imam al-Bajuri outlines the core beliefs of the orthodox Sunni doctrine (aqidah) that must be known by every Muslim. Designed to be studied with a teacher or read on one's own, this text will equip the student with sufficient knowledge of the essentials of Muslim theology to be able to distinguish truth from falsehood, orthodox from heterodox, Ahl al-Sunna wa al-Jama'a or Sunni Islam from other than it. It is hoped that by including the facing, vocalized Arabic script that:

  1. Students of Sacred Knowledge will be aided in learning the language of the Qur’an, the Prophet (saws), and the ulama
  2. It will serve as a teaching aid for the ulama when teaching this text to reference the original work
  3. The actual words of Imam al-Bajuri will be preserved