About Us

Since 2007, we have led the effort to revive the vast and rich Islamic scholarly tradition. We have been at the forefront of delivering relevant and digestible avenues of spreading sacred knowledge.

Without a doubt, the Islamic tradition is a deep and vast ocean of jewels. As Muslims living in the West, we have found ourselves often playing an important role in recent times: to preserve and protect our inherited tradition, while firmly establishing it for generations to come. The uniqueness of the Islamic tradition is one where each successive generation of scholars have received their knowledge from a verifiable chain of transmission. This has allowed Muslims in every generation the ability to trace the source. 

Imam Ghazali Publishing is an independent publisher dedicated to the discovery and publication of contemporary and historical Muslim authors and literature. We understand that literature creates a rich, fertile culture in which the reader’s spiritual development is nurtured. We passionately serve the needs of discerning readers for literature across all genres with an Islamic ethos.

Diverse writers often struggle to be heard in a crowded literary marketplace.

Imam Ghazali Publishing amplifies and uplifts the voices of the Muslim community. We champion, support, and mentor compelling writers at every level of experience through conscientious editing, distinctive design, and innovative promotion. Our work seeks to revive the spirit of Islamic literature for a 21st-century audience.

Imam Ghazali Publishing strives to accommodate groups and individuals of all abilities and backgrounds: we warmly encourage your feedback regarding the accessibility of our publishing program.