The Daily Du'a Book: Prayers to Recite Every Morning & Evening

The Daily Du'a Book: Prayers to Recite Every Morning & Evening

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Compiled by the great Imam, Mufassir, Muhaddith, and Shaykh 'Abdullah Siraj al-Din al-Husayni, this text includes several hundred prayers known from the Qur'an and Sunnah, suitable for frequent and everyday use. It begins with a comprehensive sequence of Prophetic supplications recommended for each morning and evening, it then continues with chapters of selected du'a with specific purposes, including:

  • Transmitted supplications that include the Greatest Name of Allah
  • Exhortation to say  Lā Ilāha Illā Allāh often
  • Pithy words of praise
  • Prayers for seeking forgiveness
  • Verses of protection from evil
  • Verses for curing illness
  • An extensive collection of prayers upon the Prophet ﷺ

And many more.

The Shaykh writes:

“By Allah, these supplications have secrets, light, distinct features, and effects which the believing slave benefits from in this world and the next. Be diligent, therefore, my Muslim brother and sister in reciting them, and supplicate for goodness to the one who spread and compiled them.”

This is a book that is designed to be used frequently, with benefits that will continue to reveal themselves and increase in abundance over time, if Allah wills. Each prayer is given in its Arabic text with full vowels, with English translation and transliteration on facing pages. Citations for verses of the Qur'an are given in footnotes.

  • Author: Shaykh 'Abdullah Siraj al-Din al-Husayni
  • Translator: Wordsmiths
  • Languages: Arabic, English, and Transliteration 
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Length: 171 pages
  • Colour: Black & White
  • Categories: Islam, Qur'an
  • Publisher: Imam Ghazali Publishing

About the Author

Shaykh 'Abdullah Siraj al-Din was born in the lands of modern-day Syria just prior to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. He studied under the great scholars of the era and, through the mid to late 20th century, served as a teacher and mentor to an entire generation of 'ulema. A rare master of the sciences of both the Qur'an and Hadith, he was known to have memorized over 100,000 Hadith narrations.