IGP Shama'il Bundle

IGP Shama'il Bundle

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The IGP Shama'il Book + Course Bundle includes one copy of this widely-acclaimed, world-renowned book plus access to the full online course covering the full text.

About the book:

  • Al-Shama'il al-Muhammadiyyah (Hardcover Edition) - The landmark edition of Imam al-Tirmidhi's genre-defining collection. Contains the 415 narrations of  Shama'il, including the full chain of narrators for each hadith. Original Arabic text is given with full vowels, followed by English translation. Over 1000 notes from the translators are included in the margins. Full color printing with gold accents.

About the course:

  • The Shama'il - Complete Online Course - Over the course of 2023, Shaykh Ahmed El Azhary led a cohort of students from the Imam Ghazali Publishing community through a close reading and intensive study of all 415 narrations of the Shama'il. Includes recordings of all 42 lessons, as well as an opportunity to attend IGP's annual live recital of the Shama'il and obtain an 'ijaza of narration of the text.


Shaykh Ahmed al-Azhary began his journey of studying traditional sciences about 20 years ago. In addition to studying with scholars from al-Azhar, he had the privilege of studying with visiting scholars from Algeria and India in a one-on-one format, and was thus given an exceptional opportunity to study and discuss advanced-level texts of different sorts and over a long period of time. Shaykh Ahmed has more than 70 Ijazas from scholars from all over the Muslim world. Shaykh Ahmed holds degrees from American University in Cairo, Tulane University, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, and has obtained additional certificates in a dozens of different subjects. He is the author of Ruh al-'Ilm, a treatise in the art of scientific investigation, as well as a number of works on Islamic pedagogy, linguistics, and Hanafi Usul. He is currently a researcher in Islamic intellectual history and a teacher of traditional sciences under the supervision of Habib 'Ali al-Jifri, and teaches at Madyafat Shaykh Isma'il Sadiq al-'Adawi, a well-known learning center near al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo.

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