The Shamail - Complete Recital with 'Ijaza

The Shamail - Complete Recital with 'Ijaza

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Conducted by Shaykh Ahmed El Azhary, this reading session will cover all 415 narrations contained within Imam al-Tirmidhi's Al-Shama'il al-Muhammadiyah, and will serve as the culmination of the year-long exploration of the text of the Shama'il. Those who attend will receive a formal 'ijaza, with the complete chain from Shaykh Ahmed to Imam al-Tirmidhi. 

Shaykh Ahmed explains the significance of this 'ijaza is as follows:

"This is an 'ijazah of narration. Initially, the recording of Hadith was in the chests of the narrators. Later, when Hadith began to be documented, compiled, and recorded with ink on paper, the dependency on verbal narration began to be reduced, because people could refer to the narrations that were in the books.

"But the scholars of Hadith also wanted to continue the chain of narration from the Prophet ﷺ to the Ummah. They didn't want the people to stop narrating Hadith merely because it was now recorded in books. They knew that chains of narrations are something that stands out in the Muslim Ummah, so they wanted to continue that. They did this primarily as a matter of the continuation of the Isnad, so that throughout the 14 centuries of Islam, you can still have a chain of narration to the Prophet ﷺ.

"This 'ijazah is not a license per se, in the sense that scholars would receive, but rather it's more of a permission to narrate. It's something that's more done for the blessing."

The personalized 'ijaza certificate will be created by the IGP Manuscripts team and will be emailed following the reading session.

Event Details

This will be a live session held via Zoom, led by Shaykh Ahmed El Azhary.

Schedule: Live reading session will be held Sunday, December 24, 2023, at 4 pm ET; 1 pm PST; 9 pm British; 11 pm Medina – approx 3.5-4 hrs total – No recording will be available. 

Students in the Al-Shama'il al-Muhammadiyyah class will receive an invitation both via email and in the private class Telegram group. Those who have not joined the class may register for the reading and 'ijaza separately via this page.