IGP Qur'an Book + Course Bundle

IGP Qur'an Book + Course Bundle

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The IGP Qur'an Book + Course Bundle includes six original texts plus access to courses covering the full three-volume Endless Banquet series.

Selected books include:

Selected courses include:

  • The Endless Banquet Course - Shaykh Hamzah Abdul Malik, author of The Endless Banquet, leads a guided reading of his book series; designed to increase our sense of wonder and awe at the Qur’an, inspire us to think more deeply, and ultimately strengthen our personal relationship with Revelation. (6 classes, 12 hrs total)
  • Inner Dimensions of the Order of the Surahs of the Qur'an Course - A deeper discussion of this text guided by the translator, Ustadh Talut Dawood. Live class begins March 18.


Shaykh Hamzah Abdul Malik memorized the Qur'an at a young age, before going overseas to study for nearly 2 decades. He then returned to the USA and settled in Memphis, where he founded Miraaj Academy, a full-time school and Hifz program, and helped found Midtown Mosque. He is also a founder of UMMAH (United Masjids Making American History), a national collaborative of Imams from successful inner-city masjids working together at a grassroots level to uplift their communities. He has a deep understanding of the unique religious and spiritual challenges facing American Muslims today, and applies this understanding to his work at every level.

Ustadh Talut Dawood grew up in the United States, in New York, North Carolina, and Texas. He studied under the tutelage of his father, Shaykh Sulaiman Dawood, a classically trained scholar himself, and thereafter with teachers hailing from Syria, West Africa, the UK and North America. He currently resides in Mexico, where he has served as a leader and Imam. In 2018 he formally joined as a member of the Imam Ghazali Publishing team, with the blessings and formal idhn of his teacher, Shaykh Mahy Cisse, and has since translated and taught over 20 books for IGP as Translator-in-Residence.

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